the value of this ratio exceeds unity

the Internal environment of this ratio - the portion of the shared environment, which is locat-ditsya. It has a constant and direct impact on the functioning of the organization. The internal environment has not-how many slices, which collectively determines the potential and the opportunities available in the organisation. br>
the Study of the internal environment focused on understanding what strengths and weaknesses the organization has. Strengths are the basis on which the organization relies in the competition and she should strive to expand and strengthen. Weaknesses - is the subject of close attention from the side of ru-of management, which should do everything possible to get rid of them. Analysis of internal environment of an organization is usually conducted for Demyanskcomparison of the situation of the company with the position closest competitors (to assess competitive strategic position of the organization).

the Internal environment is formed:
- the quality and specificity of staff;
- in accordance with the purposes and objectives of the organization;
-in accordance with the capabilities of the organization.
Internal environment is determined by:
- structure of the organization;
- control system;
- production-technological processes;
- level of automation;
- division of labor;
- communications.

the Internal environment is analyzed in the following areas: personnel of the firm, their potential, qualification; organizational structure; research and development; Finance; marketing; organizational culture.
the Personnel slice of the internal environment covers processes such as: interaction-modestie managers and workers, hiring, training, promotion of personnel, motivation, stimulation.Organizational slice includes the distribution of rights and responsibilities, the hierarchy of subordination.Cut production considering the manufacturing site, for example to embed hotels in Novosibirsk OSU-the implementation of research and development in this area, as well as adjacent areas such as the sites on daily rent of apartments, the introduction of new technologies.The financial cut is to ensure the efficient use and movement of funds in the organization.In marketing the slicer includes processes associated with the implementation of prod-ucts (product promotion strategy on the market, the choice of markets and distribution systems).The biggest study in the analysis of the internal environment needs to be organizational culture, which can as stress-VAT organization's position in the competition, and to reduce her chances in the event of its imperfections and inconsistencies of the chosen strategy.One of the most common and recognized methods, allowing them to conduct a joint study of the external and internal environment of development of the project, such as adding galleries photos, is-Xia method (strength, weakness, opportunities and threats) - analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the firm, assessing its possibilities and potential threats. In order to enable the organization to survive in the long term, it guide should be able to predict, which may open new possible STI in the future, and what difficulties can prevent the development of the company. But first, you need to identify what strengths and weaknesses are separate components of the organization and the organization as a whole.Strength is what the company has succeeded, what it does especially well compared to competitors: high production foreman-tion, a deep understanding of the needs and tastes of consumers. The strengths gives you the opportunity to maximize the use of existing skills and knowledge, allows to obtain advantages in the competitive struggle.

the Weakness is the lack of something important for the functioning of the com-pany or that it fails. Weaknesses: lack of strategic directions of development; obsolete equipment, lack of managerial talent and skills; poor image; a small range; high se-bestmost etc. security Threat Secure Shuttle Transport is something that can harm the firm, to deprive of its existing advantages: the emergence of cheaper technologies; introduction of a competitor's new or improved product; the yield on your market compet-ing with lower costs; changes in consumer tastes.Opportunities are defined as something that gives the firm a chance to do something new: the ability to enter new markets; the ability to produce new products; the emergence of new technologies; attraction of new customers.-ing.Summarizing, we can conclude that the analysis of the environment - a very impor-tion stage in developing the strategy of the organization. Moreover, without knowing the environment, the organization can not exist, and she is forced to examine the environment to ensure the achievement of goals due to the organization's mission.Financial stability can be restored by increasing loans, or by reasonable reduction in inventory levels and costs.One of the most important characteristics of the financial condition of the company – the stability of its activities in light of long-term prospects. It is associated with overall financial structure of the enterprise, degree of its dependence on creditors and investors. So, many businessmen, including representatives of public sector of economy housing office, prefer to put in a minimum of its own funds and to Finance it at the expense of money borrowed. However, if the structure is "equity – debt capital" has a significant bias in favor of debt, the company may go bankrupt if several creditors at the same time require their money back in "inconvenient" time.

strong financial condition is formed in the process of production and economic activity of the enterprise. Setting it on a particular date answers the question of how well the enterprise rent of apartments in Novosibirsk manages financial resources during the reporting period. However, partners and shareholders of the enterprise are not interested in the process and the result, that is, the indicators themselves and the assessment of the financial condition that can be defined on the basis of official data for public reporting. It should be noted that a large number of coefficients is used to estimate from different sides of the capital structure of the enterprise. br>
To evaluate this group of coefficients is one criterion universal to all businesses: business owners prefer a reasonable increase in the share of borrowed funds; conversely, creditors prefer companies, where the share of own capital, i.e. higher level of financial autonomy.Coefficient of financial risk shows that its value exceeds the recommended criterion. If the value of this ratio exceeds unity, then financial autonomy and sustainability, OOOapartments for rent" is reaching a critical point.The figure shows the increasing dependence of the company "Stroysvyaz" from external financial sources, that is, in a sense, the decline of financial stability and often makes it difficult to obtain credit. Therefore, when calculating the normal level of the ratio of borrowed and own funds need to take into account the qualitative structure and turnover rate of material circulating assets and receivables. The debt ratio of firms in the village also exceeds the recommended criterion, and the normal trend confirms the financial stability and debt ratio:

if the share of borrowed funds in the currency balance is reduced, there is a clear trend of strengthening financial stability, which makes it more attractive for business partners.The equity ratio of the company "Stroysvyaz" less than the recommended criterion. This suggests that in a company with a low share of own capital creditors less willing to invest. It is necessary to increase the equity share.